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I just found the cookies that a reader made for the #SignificanceSeries unpacking my office. I never could eat them because they were SO pretty! Will keep them for-ev-ver! Yes, I just channeled Squints. You’re welcome. You know you wanna go watch The Sandlot now. #YoureKillingMeSmalls #ItsNotWeirdToDisplayCookiesInyourOffice #HopefullyIWontGetHungry #Significance #YABooks

Teaser Tuesday!!

Teaser Tuesday : a Significance novel, Undeniably Chosen

You don’t feel cheated?” His eyes widened a little at that, but he stayed right where he was. Another swipe of that thumb almost rendered me speechless. Almost. β€œYou don’t feel like everything in the universe wants us to hate each other?”

Release update here if you haven’t seen it —>…/teaser-tuesday-undeniably…

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