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bands-a-make-me-dancee asked:

First off if like to say I'm a huge fan of the significance series! Those books are my live and when I found out you were continuing on with the series I was in tears! Anyways I was wondering who is playing Caleb in the show, I know in your blog it said it was Jeremy Sumpter but u recently came across a video that was of a girl named Holly shay and a guy named Justin Hughes saying they were castes as Maggie and Caleb? I'm super confused and if you could clear it up that would be great! Thank you

Hi there!

Thanks so much for reading! Much appreciated. Yes, Jeremey Sumpter was no longer able to play Caleb and he was replaced by the awesome, hilarious Justin James Hughes :) I keep the updated TV info posted on my site here or you can follow my other social medias, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram I am all pretty active on :) I try to keep you guys updated on what they are doing. They are in the very beginning stages now, hoping to get picked up. No idea on the whats, whens, or wheres yet. 

Best wishes and happy endings,

Shelly Crane

ekeziel asked:

I love your books so much, they help me through my thoughts and recovery and it's so wonderful to read your books and just think "hey, maybe I'll meet an Ace and meet my own Caleb". Thank you so much for your help, I'm two weeks clean from self harm because of you and your books and I couldn't be more grateful and indebted to you.

Hi, Ekeziel!

I met my Caleb 13 years ago (His name is Axel) and I have no doubt that you’ll meet yours! We just have to wait for them and not settle for someone we know isn’t the one. And the fact that my books can be any escape for anyone at all, but especially for recovery for you is such a blessing and honor. Thank you for sharing it with me! 

It’s hard to be patient in the world of instant everything, but know that everything works itself out and I truly believe that there is someone out there for everyone. Thank you, Ekeziel. I wish nothing but good things for you!

Best wishes and happy endings,

Shelly Crane

lizylew313 asked:

Do you have a signing in Chicago? If so when? Thank you for your time.

Hi, lizylew!

I don’t. The closest I’m coming there is St. Louis is Sept. My schedule is here 

Thank you! Best wishes and happy endings,

Shelly Crane

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